Pascha Pict 2019Since the beginning of our family in 2004, we have always enjoyed a good journey to somewhere holy or interesting. Our family name Friar comes from a mendicant monastic order in the Middle Ages which traveled from place to place rather than remain in a cloister. Over the years, our desire to travel has brought us to numerous encounters in different parts of the world. It is our hope in reading this blog, that you will glean much in the way of contemporary spiritual nourishment to guide you in the path to the Kingdom of Heaven.

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Resurrection Comix!!!

bookThis is a picture of a book that my father found when he was digging through old books. Once I saw it, I began reading immediately because I love comics. img011The details in the book about the resurrection of Christ are both simple to copy and complicated enough to be interesting. One picture displays Jesus Christ shining 20 times brighter than the sun and breaking the gates of Hades by destroying the power of death. The author Michael Elgamal creates art by transforming ancient icons into fun kids’ pictures. Here are some of my drawings of his illustrations: Continue reading

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