There She Blows

humpback_stellwagen_editHave you ever been so close to a whale that it can splash you in the face? Our family traveled to Gloucester on Columbus Day for a whale watch.

We drove to the harbor and boarded a ship named Miss Cape Ann. The ship zoomed into deep ocean and started looking for whales. The people were amazed when one of the passengers shouted, “THERE SHE BLOWS.” Off in the distance, two whales were spouting.

Our naturalist Hannah said that they were humpback whales. The humpback whale is a baleen whale. Baleen is a kind of hair that grows in the whales mouth; food and water comes in but the hair pushes the water out. It is called feeding.

There are many things scientists do not know about whales. When they splash their fins in the water, I think they are waving to me so I wave back. My dad thinks the whales are praying. What do you think?

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