Pascha Pict 2019Since the beginning of our family in 2004, we have always enjoyed a good journey to somewhere holy or interesting. Our family name Friar comes from a mendicant monastic order in the Middle Ages which traveled from place to place rather than remain in a cloister. Over the years, our desire to travel has brought us to numerous encounters in different parts of the world. It is our hope in reading this blog, that you will glean much in the way of contemporary spiritual nourishment to guide you in the path to the Kingdom of Heaven.

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Taking the Kids to Church

Have an update on this original post. Please see below the photos of the new cathedral being built in the center of Surgut. Glory to God for all things!

Like Mendicant Monks...

May 21, 2015

Feast of the Ascension
Repose of John Eliot,
Apostle to the Native People of Massachusetts

Surgut wakes up to remind us that we are only about 5 degrees south of the Arctic Circle. The warm weather anomaly ceased yesterday as temperatures dropped by over 20 degrees Fahrenheit and we dug out the few sweaters and jackets we brought to make the trek to church for the feast.

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