Reveling in Russia and Zigzagging through Zurich

russia-03_3298060bOur family flew to Moscow, Russia recently in 2015. We journeyed there in order to meet our aunts, uncles, friends and family. For a month, we rode the subway, peered at old monuments, and celebrated the 70th anniversary of Victory Day, the day when the Allies won World War II. Our family’s visit to Russia will always be memorable.

IMG_3506After Russia, we flew to Zurich, Switzerland for only six hours. This city was more elegant than my home in Boston because of the many churches and the water fountains you could drink from. The trains were as quiet as a mouse, so quiet that I could hardly believe I was riding a subway! In only six hours, we zigzagged several miles, ate the juiciest mango, and discovered a bakery where we bought a French croissant.

Come to Moscow and Zurich, two great cities to explore.

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