Don’t Help Herod

Holy_Innocents__99381.1420682146.1280.1280December 27/January 11
14,000 Holy Innocent Infants slain by Herod at Bethlehem

In the New Testament, Herod sought out Jesus. Instead of directly looking for him, he decided to kill all males under the age of 2. In doing this he killed 14,000 infants, without being stopped by anyone. The poor babies’ mothers could not do anything to help them.

Nowadays, the highest rate of killing young helpless babies is abortion. Approximately 125,000 babies are killed by abortion every day, and 56,993,299 abortions have been made since Roe vs. Wade in America. These mother’s had a choice of whether or not to kill their own children, unlike the babies’ mothers in 1 AD.

Most people are not educated well, so in the future they think the best thing to do is to abort, not to give birth to a human being like you and me. Many people are told that the being in a mothers’ stomach is just a clump of cells. But, the baby moves and breathes just like any other human. So, from the very time the mother becomes pregnant, there is a living human in her stomach. In other words, when a mother aborts her child she is committing murder.

If I still haven’t convinced you that abortion is wrong, here are some other things to think about. Since single-sex marriage has been legalized in many places, many men and women choose to marry a person of their own gender. After these people get married, they usually want to have children. Because they can not have a child on there own, they have to adopt a kid. But if many mother’s abort, their will be no babies to adopt. Eventually, everyone will either marry someone of their own gender, or abort because they do not want to have a child or they can not have a child for some other reason. The end result: no more people on earth.

Tell future or present mothers: Don’t abort. Instead, give up children for adoption or care for them yourself, unless you want to help Herod kill tiny helpless babies!

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