The Madalorian

The Mandalorian is a TV show about a mysterious bounty hunter that wears a helmet and swore an oath never to take it off in front of anyone. He was born is a small village, and when he was five, the village was attacked by an army of super battle droids that killed his parents. He was saved by a group of Mandalorian that took him in as one of their own. When he started as a bounty hunter, he would hunt robbers and earn money. But then he found something more important in life…

That something was a child. And his name was unknown, and he looked like this. Mando met the child in the first episode at the very end. In the series, everyone called him “the kid” (But our family calls him “baby Yoda”)        

My favorite episode so far (although they are all great) was season one, episode seven (and I wont tell you because I want you to see the series).

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