A Story About Friends

Best Friends is a new book about a beautiful girl named Shannon who is also the author. Shannon lives in a small house with two sisters and a brother and two parents. Her older sister Wendy moved to Los Angeles to become a model.

Shannon has two best friends Jen and Adrienne. In Shannon’s school there was a girl named Jenny who is very mean to Shannon. Jen and Jenny were best friends first, but then Adrienne moved to another school and Shannon was left alone.  Next year, Jen and Shannon became best friends. Shannon thought Jenny and her could be friends too, but Jenny was still mean to Shannon.

When the third year came, Jen and Jenny became best friends again. It was junior high, and Shannon had more friends than ever. Her best friend was Jane, but she had other best friends like Olivia, Heather, and Andrei. The reason why Shannon had lots of problems is because she tried to do stuff like being famous and worry too much about fitting in.

My family and I recommend all of Shannon Hale’s books because they tell the story of her life and they are very honest.

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