Unicorn Diaries

Unicorn Diaries is a book about a unicorn named Rainbow Tinstletail, but unicorns call her Bo. She lives in Sparklegrove Forest and learns in Sparklegrove School. Her teacher’s name is Mr. Rumptwinkle. Each unicorn has a unicorn power; Bo’s power is that she can grant one wish every week.

Here are some fun facts about unicorns. First, they glow when they are scared or nervous. Second, when they snore, it sounds like music. Finally, rainbows fly out of their hooves when they dance.

If you want to know what is in Sparklegrove Forest, here is a list of places: Rainbow Falls, Troll Caves, Glimmer Glade, Sparklingrove School for Unicorns, Dragon Nests, Budbloom Meadow, Unipods, Fairy Village, Twinkleplop Lagoon, Goblin Castle and Snowbelle Mountain. The names of all the other unicorns are equally fantastic and funny: Nutmeg Silverstrips, Scarlet Sugarlumps, Jed Glitterock, Monty Dumpling, Piper Forestine, and Sunny Huckleberry.

I have read all the books in the series and I totally recommend them to whoever likes fantastical creatures like unicorns.

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