Growth of the Nones & Questions from the Sons

Much has been abuzz in the media lately about the latest Pew Forum Religious survey reporting that those who have no religious affiliation are greatly on the rise in America and actually threaten to reduce the Protestant majority to under 50%.

I read an article today by one of those from the “none” category (i.e. “no religious affiliation”), talking about an event outside her apartment that I have experienced myself. In Central Square, Cambridge every Holy Friday, two Orthodox Churches get together, process to the center of the square and, with the assistance of the local police, shut down a very bustling part of the city in order for the two parishes to chant the Good Friday lamentations and bless one another’s respective funeral biers (the epitathios). The article profiles the author’s struggle to identify herself as non-religious and yet explain this extraordinary event to her son.

Hearing such things gives me hope that though our country currently drifts in a direction away from faith, the younger generation always has the potential to bring it back. Let it be so.

2 thoughts on “Growth of the Nones & Questions from the Sons

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