God Taking out an Ad in the Paper

Besides having a compelling title, a new book I am poring  over is exceedingly engaging. The ho-hum geometric cover just does not do it justice, and had I not read this great review from World magazine, I might never have made it past the cover.

Now, rather than give you, dear reader, another overview that you might read at the book’s website, I prefer to dive in to one of the funniest bits so far. The author describes with razor sharp wit what a modalist (opposite of Trinitarian) conception of God leads to. A modalist (he renames it moodalist) god really has no need or real desire to create the world since fundamentally he/it is ultimately self-absorbed. Reeves creatively imagines such a god taking out a half-committed ad in the classified section of the local paper: Single God, Nonsmoker, Seeks Attractive Creation With Good Sense of Humor.

This and other pithy illustrations have had me rolling. I cannot remember a book since David Mills Saints Guide to Knowing the Real Jesus that has summarized key Christian theology in such a winsome, concise, and accurate way. A slim little volume, it is all the theology you will ever have to (or want to) read.

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