Drinking it Raw

Got a voucher from LivingSocial to go on a hay ride and receive complimentary cones of ice cream from a dairy farm in Framingham, MA. We already have a favorite apple and fruit picking farm in Northboro and a maple sugaring site that we blogged about for the early spring. Finding this wonderful dairy farm today in a place not too far from the city completes the tri-fecta of edible goodness.

If you ever get a free Saturday, take your family and go! You don’t really need to book a hayride like we did. Just show up to visit their milking cows, lick their homemade ice cream, and best of all, participate in what feels like an illicit activity: drinking RAW, unpasteurized milk. Yes, for those of you who have never traveled outside the US and tried unpasteurized milk, you are in for a real treat.

Try all three farms and I am sure you will agree with our family that going raw, organic, and fresh will really return you to your love of the nature that God created and sustains.

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