Little House and Little Women

The following is a guest post from my oldest daughter. It represents a comparison contrast paper that I had her write as part of our Home School study of the literature of Laura Ingalls Wilder and Louisa May Alcott.

25522119Laura Ingalls and Jo March lived in different parts of America. Laura moved with her family to the big woods, the open prairie and the frontier towns. Jo March stayed in one town of New England most of her life. Both girls were troublemakers by getting into scrapes and starting fights.

The authors and characters are Laura, Jo, and Louisa. Laura had three [3] sisters and so did Jo. Laura is a real person. Jo is a fictional character made up by Louisa. All 3 were tomboys.

Laura and Jo lived in different ways. Jo lived in a settled and fancy house. Laura lived a plain and simple life in a log cabin. Both were rich in helping others if not in having things.

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