Pickin’ and Hummin’ in the Harvest

IMG_2259Our family had the great fortune already this fall of attending two celebrations of the harvest with many more to come. The first was a long-standing tradition we have had of going with St. Herman Christian School to our favorite fruit farm in Northborough, MA. The second was a new tradition that we intend to repeat with my parents who now live in the area: the yearly harvest of the largest producer of cranberries in the world, right here in New England!

And with all the picking of fruit inevitably comes the singing of great carols. Not of the Christmas or Advent variety, but the kind that come from deep gratitude for the yielding of rich blessings from Mother Earth. The haunting melody of the Autumn Roundelay for instance:

Here I sit and wait for you,
Neath the spreading branches.
Cool the grass with shade and dew
Sunlight on me dances.

Ai lee leeha leehi ly
Now my voice is ringing
Ai lee leeha leehi ly
Songs to you I’m singing

Fall is in the air today
Hear the wild geese crying
Don’t delay come out and play
Snow will soon be flying.

And our new tradition of Cranberry Harvest featured rejoicing that was undaunted by the pouring rain. This offering of harvest thanks via Grace Morrison and the RSO, some local New England talent:

Grace Morrison and the RSO from Gigs-to-Go Music Videos on Vimeo.

It is all yet another reminder of the sacredness of time, that we receive this season as a gift and not as something guaranteed or our money back. May He who gives life to all mankind and everything else, give us breath to praise Him for His bounty and goodness in the harvest time.

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