Promised Land of the Weary and Heavy Laden

IMG_452074 degrees. A very pleasant temperature on most days, but on a day when the ocean water on the south shore of Cape Cod reaches this temperature, it is time to hit the beach! We have been planning this mini-vacation for years as we always travel here on the occasion of a friend’s birthday. But we always come down on a Sunday in mid-August just for the day. This year a forecasted heat wave and my wife’s excellent last minute suggestion sent us scrambling to rearrange work schedules, gather beach toys and supplies, and book a cheap motel near our friends’ bungalow in West Yarmouth.

We have stayed overnight overnight on the Cape only one other time. It never fails to charm with its peculiar magic: just the right blend of sun and surf, of beaches and barbecues, of friends and family who are free to linger into the wee hours of the night in restful recreation. Even our motel seems in no hurry to labor or keep up to date with the times. For old fixtures and the lack of a basic alarm clock in the room remind guests not to over-schedule themselves, not to measure time by Timex for a few days.

Meanwhile, the beach ever beckons all who are weary and heavy laden to lay down their burdens. Come to the ancient ocean, breath the salt sea air, and move to the rhythm of a life more natural, more humane. Glory to God for places of recreation, for a calm to rest before the schedule storms of fall are upon us.

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