The Mother of My Movie Lists

its-a-wonderful-life-3I have a friend and fellow graduate of a one-time missionary school held in an Orthodox Monastery in California. This friend reminded me of an old movie list that he has recently decided to resurrect for the salvation of his own soul and those of his immediate circle in memory of the former Abbot who authored the list, Fr. Herman Podmoshensky. I offer the list here in memory of the same Abbot, whose love and selfless devotion birthed in so many of us the need to feed our own souls along with our spirits.

May this list of old time favorites help spark your memory of a time when Hollywood was less besotted with entertainment that merely titillated but never transformed, a time when Tinseltown had a moral backbone and a heart of gold.

Saint Paisius Missionary School Must See Movie List

Jane Eyre, 1941, Orson Wells

Wuthering Heights

Les Miserables

Keys of the Kingdom

Sea Wolf

Call of the Wild

Young Tom Edison

Edison the Man

Angel on My Shoulder

Reluctant Saint

The Bishop’s Wife


San Fransisco, 1938

Hunchback of Notre Dame

Song of Bernadette

Seargent York

Devil at Four O’clock

Song to Remember

Red Danube

Mancharian Candadate

Picture of Dorian Grey

How Green Was My Valley

The Heiress

A Christmas Carol, 1951, Alastair Sim Moby Dick

Great Expectations

Oliver Twist

David Copperfield

Tale of Two Cities

Martin Chuzzlewit

Captain Courageous

Tom Brown’s School Days

To Each His Own

It’s a Wonderful Life

That Hamilton Lady

Hamlet, Mel Gibson

Boy’s Town

Men of Boy’s Town

Camille, Greta Garbo

Anna Karenena, Garbo

Little Women, 1933, 1948

Fighting Father Brown

Meet John Doe

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington

You Can’t Take It With You

Pride and Prejudice

Mr. Deeds Goes to Town

Johnny Belinda




Boris Gudinov

Eugene Onegin


7 thoughts on “The Mother of My Movie Lists

  1. Well… folks can either fix the English transliterated spelling, or they can just learn how to pronounce the Cyrillic alphabet which was a) designed for the sounds, and b) has far less spelling variants than English does.

    I was reminded of this just this morning with my son’s phonics lesson in which he was to list words that all had the long u sound, but were spelled ew, u-e, ue and two other ways that I cannot recall at the moment. In the words of my former Chinese neighbor, “This crazy for the people.”

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