Love Your Local Library

For my yearly Back-to-School post, I would like to brag about our tradition of local libraries in America. Good strength to all in your September return to learning. God bless your studies in this new school year!

bangor-public-library-520b21653b418ebeJust moved to Syracuse, NY with the family, and one of our first official acts was finding the local library and obtaining a card for borrowing. My children who are of age all proudly sport their own card in their private wallet. I am determined they have this long before they ever have cards for spending money.

It is amazing to me that in all the national discussion about reforming education, no one ever seems to include the local libraries. All this talk about testing and standards, but no one includes the place where literacy is the most treasured and guarded gift.

Yet for us in the homeschool community, local libraries are an undisputed source for everything good and communal. They provide weekly story hours for our youngest and most formative, artistic and scientific clubs for our middle students, and amazing events for teens that both engage current events and challenge them to think of the past.

In this coming school year, find time to carve out of your busy schedule to visit your local library! Don’t just selfishly hoard those shelves for boring adult books, but mine your library for all those good kid’s books you know your youngster should be reading. And take them to a program or two. Libraries aren’t just about books. They have become a place not only for the community to gather, but also to create and make new things.

Vive la local libraries! Vive la librarians! Visit and speak to your local ones today!

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