A Good Family Book

penderwicks-gardam_fotor_collageThe Penderwicks is a series of books that is about a family. There are 5 books in the series that are about different parts of their life.

The first book in the series is about 4 girls named Rosalind, age 12, Sky, age 11, Jane, age 10, and Baty, age 4. They are on vacation with their dad and Hound, the Penderwicks’ dog. The girls’ mother died from cancer right after the youngest Baty was born. The family is on vacation to a place called Arundel, a breathtaking mansion in the Berkshire mountains. This book is about their adventures in the mountains

The second, third and fourth books are about the family as they grow in age and in number of people.  In the fifth book, the 2 oldest ones, Rosalind and Sky, get married and Jane is 24 and Baty is 18.

I recommend these books because they’re engaging and funny. These books are the kind of books you never want to end. This book is not only for girls; in fact, a boy recommended to me.

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