The Cape’s Relaxing Magic

Made it to the Cape after my older three went ahead a day early with their uncle and a family friend. They were very happy to see me come along with my van full of bikes, groceries, and fun-in-the sun implements. Timing is perfect as temperatures in Boston soared to an unseasonable 90 degrees, leaving the Cape and the Islands hovering around the high 70s and low 80s: I call it Southern California weather.

The atmosphere in the house was a little tense on my arrival, as some were tempted to run everything by a strict schedule. I invited everyone to see our vacation here not as Camp Chicamongua, complete with wake up calls and morning calisthenics, but more like a retreat in which we follow not the clock but our charisms, more kairos and less chronos. I too have been tempted a few times to get uptight about permissions, privacy, and polity, but when I let it go, people eventually calm down and let the Cape work her relaxing magic.

Again, we stay in the home of our friends. I believe without a doubt in the power and grace of the Holy Spirit to fill not only individual believers but the homes in which they live and move and have their being. We tried another vacation house last summer that did not possess the same grace as this one, and while we were able to partially sanctify it by our poor and limited prayers, her overall presence was more like a museum than a true home. When time came for departure, the owner nickel and dimed us for every nick and water stain on their overly precious antiques. At our friend’s Beach Blessing, furniture is elegant but practical and friendly. And what is curated is not antique desks, but a special collection of family-friendly DVD’s. On our second stay here, we are amazed by God’s grace to bring together three families of very different temperaments and personalities, “… in the unity of the faith and in the bond of peace.

The Holy Spirit has descended! The grace of Pentecost is among us, for God has not left us alone to our own devices, but has filled us with his grace and truth. Glory be to God for all things!

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