A Man of Few Words But Many Deeds

Remembering today the passing of a great pillar and subdeacon of our local parish. He was a man like my own father who can not abide long to hear conversation when action is required. As the celebrant at his funeral remembered, he employed half the parish, especially men like yours truly who needed a few side hustles as we worked primarily for the church. He was not your average contractor, beginning all his projects with prayer and devoutly dedicating all of his labor to God. His love for serving in the holy altar spilled out fully into his worldly labor. He never artificially separated them into sacred and secular.

And when it was time to play? Ah, our good Subdeacon Gersimos was the life of the party. And his capable hands produced such delights that some only dream of. He drove race cars, built and sailed boats, fixed up mountain bikes, and generally helped any lover of the outdoors appreciate the wonders of God’s good world. Memory eternal dear Uncle Gary. May your soul find rest in the bosom of Abraham after your long and very productive life!

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