“My Road Leads into the Desert”

Some movies are very slow starters. The new and Oscar nominated Dune is no exception. This 2+ hour film really tested this reviewer’s endurance, but by the end, I was cheering for Duke Paul’s attempt to “go native” on Arakis: the spice-laden, sand world he was sent to on behalf of the mysterious emperor. I was cued on to this great movie by my usual source.

Wow. Lush is too small a word for the world portrayed by this director. I have to admit that at first I was quite bored by all the shots of great warriors (rah! rah! House of Atreides) arriving on a benighted planet (good for them). But then when Atreides got their butt kicked by the Harkonnen’s assault, I finally sat up and took notice. And then, when the young Atreides Duke Paul bested the native Frenen Jamis and gave many merciful attempts to save his life, well, I guess the wheels came off my boredom.

Duke Paul concludes with a line that can only signal Great Lent for those of us on the Orthodox side of things. The Fremen, the native people of the the land he is sent to serve on the planet Arakis, live in the desert. Rather than live in a bubble originally created for him, Paul says, “My road leads into the desert.” Oh, that is so bad ass and at the same time pious. I cannot wait, now until part two comes out next year!

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