Will You Be a Pilgrim?

Hooray! Another school year has begun and our family is again at it with what I consider the best way (short of divine services) to learn truth, beauty, and goodness. Today we started rehearsals for a December Performance of a show called Celestial City about the life of John Bunyan and his great spiritual classic Pilgrim’s Progress. Tickets are now available here for December 2022 shows.

The story told mostly in song features a humble preacher of the Gospel from the 17th century imprisoned for not conforming to the state sponsored English Church. Though his allegory misses some key Christian symbolism such as the Sacraments, Bunyan’s personification of virtues and vices along with his description of the path to heaven strikes a universal longing of all people. One of the title song challenges actors and audience members alike, “Will you be a pilgrim?” meaning, “Will you long for a journey to heaven and not be satisfied with this world?”

As half our family attends rehearsals, studies our lines, and learns all the subtle nuances of producing a musical, it strikes me as such a terrific way to educate the mind. I encourage my readership to see the show if you are local to Boston (stay tuned to this blog when we will announce ticket sales). In this new school year, get involved with your local community theatre and learn to love language through story, acting, song and dance. Kali Dynami or Good Strength to all in their studies!

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