Converts for the Risen Christ

This is from a homeschooling mom who is a family friend. Christ is risen!

Hello! I am so excited to be a guest here on this platform. Please feel free to comment or reach out. I’d love to hear from you! I have an extensive number of topics to blab about: being a Christian, mom of three boys on a homeschooling journey, but I thought it would be most appropriate and recommended by my friend that I write about Pascha. Below is my very first Pascha basket! I dyed the eggs with my children, baked the Pascha bread which I learned is a Russian and Ukrainian tradition, amongst other European countries. I added in my culture’s famous cookies (Lebanese & Syrian) later. It is truly a beautiful season to honor our Lord while making memories with friends and family of Christ.

We couldn’t attend as many services as I would have liked due to sickness, but I will rant about one, and quickly since my teething baby is calling. Agape Vespers was lovely with various languages such as Russian, Greek, French, Latin, and more speaking the Gospel. My goal is to speak Arabic for next year, God willing. My oldest son was unable to attend that service but is adamant about attending next year since he heard about the various languages spoken. My four-year-old son had fun asking what each language was. The Russian sounded so strong, and Greek was so moving. The Latin was surprisingly easy for me to identify.

My husband’s heart I’ve noticed a change and deeper love for Christ and the faith. His choice to keep the fast is admirable. I think I would describe our year as an uphill battle with Lent giving us the ultimate push! He was baptized in the church about five years ago around this time. I love seeing the changes in his heart from our Lord, even in myself. Although I am “Cradle Orthodox” I don’t think I ever really knew the Church and Christ the way I do now. He has shown up at the services, the people I meet, the words I read. I’ve met more pious people than myself who were not always Orthodox. Someone once told me, “We all are converts, really.”  Glory to God for all things. Truly Christ is risen!

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