Chesterton Saved My Life

Through a series of rather fortunate and providential events, I have been asked to speak at the upcoming American Chesterton Society’s National Convention. Yes, you will see little old me if you scroll down past the doctors, professors, and journalists and get to the very bottom. My first thought was, “Whew, dead last, right before everyone goes home, so maybe only the real die-hards will be left to love me no matter what I say.” But then I see that I speak right before Mass and a closing banquet. So much for winging it.

I received this invitation through another talk that I gave on my favorite British writer at a Theology on Tap in Boston. There I made a case for how Chesterton’s Orthodoxy: The Romance of Faith practically saved my life several decades ago, and when the Chesterton Society somehow caught wind of the story, the President decided that it was a story worth spreading to a wider community.

I just posted the written version of the talk along with the audio version that you can hear if you click this link and scroll to the bottom of the page. I am inviting you the faithful reader and fellow lovers of Chesterton to unite in helping me say something significant and useful to this gathering of people much more intelligent and versed than I in all things Chestertonian. Please comment below or email me privately with your thoughts.

2 thoughts on “Chesterton Saved My Life

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