Hopes and Dreams

Girl Scouts of the USA.svgDo you ever daydream? I do. Many of my daydreams are possible now and some are possible later. Girl scouts is a dream possible now, and becoming a doctor can wait for later.

Girl scouts is one activity I enjoy doing now. In girl scouts, there are 6 levels: Daisy, Brownie, Junior, Cadette, Senior, and Ambassador. In all these levels, there are different badges. A scout can do different things for these badges by making goals. One of my goals is to make 400 refugee and school kits. Since my friend, my sister and I enjoy traveling, we want to travel around the world as a troop.

Helping people is another thing that I love doing. Because of that, I hope to be a doctor. In Africa, there are not many doctors, so I want to travel there and help people. After I return, I am dreaming to work at Boston Children’s Hospital.


Fulfilling goals in girl scouting and becoming a Doctor are only two of the my many hopes and dreams.Though I know that all of this is only in my daydreams, I hope that it will come to reality someday.

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