A Table in the Presence of My Enemies

It is rare that I watch a film and have to run immediately to blog about it. But a newly released movie has completely enraptured me.

The very modestly named movie Pig carries with it a weight of relational content and mystery that few modern movies measure up to. Nicholas Cage plays a forest recluse whose love for the humblest of animals, a truffle-hunting pig, compels him to hunt down the thieves that take him. He comes out of his reclusion to reveal a world he left behind in the city of Portland, Oregon, a world of friends and family who have lost their first loves in search of fleeting worldly gain, earthly lusts, and extreme disconnection from humanity. But this recluse’s single-minded love and devotion for a simple creature gradually brings them all back around to what is real, holy, and worthy of love.

In a scene reminiscent of my favorite film Babette’s Feast, the forest recluse finally discovers the evil man who originally ordered the kidnapping of his precious pig. Instead of threatening him or cowing to his extreme intimidation, he cooks him a meal. It is a meal that brings the villain to repentance in its power to return him to the man he was, the self that had been buried by years of regret and corrupt business practices. It reminded me of the words of the Psalmist, “Thou hast prepared a table before me in the presence of my enemies.

If you like films that not only make you think but make you wonder at the mystery of this earth and why we are placed upon it, Pig is your movie. The sparse dialogue and the amazingly pregnant conversations will leave you wondering what just hit you. I will be reeling for weeks, maybe months afterwards…

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