Fishing Stories

Day 3 of our vacation at Cape Cod and by all accounts this was a very good idea. The house we rented from a Family friend is extraordinarily well-organized, with drawers and even light switches labeled. Situated in Chatham Massachusetts, our lodgings sit in proximity to several good beaches, a private freshwater lake, and bikeable roads leading to dedicated rail trails. It is the perfect cure for families tired of being cooped up in quarantine. We simply take our quarantine somewhere else with only a few more added to the mix.

Joining us for these eight days are our uncle and his son and a few other family friends along with our own brood of 7. Again, we are a bit of a comunalka except with a lot more room than a typical Soviet variety.

I sit now in a borrowed canoe on a pond within walking distance from the house. And with a borrowed fishing pole and nightcrawlers bought from the local bait and tackle. Yes my wife upbraided me for not catching my own bait, but we only have so much time. I now ply the waters of Stillwater Pond in Chatham for just one of God’s creatures who move in the waters to try my tasty morsel. So far, just like the apostles, we’ve caught nothing for all our trying.

Still, I am happy just to be here and unlike the apostles, my livelihood does not depend upon the catch. Or does it? If we expand the definition of livelihood to mean the things which give life and meaning and everything else, then me catching this fish does indeed apply. For the Lord who called crusty old fisherman instead of the educated elite of his time to be his disciples still calls Fishers of Men today.

Blessed art thou O Christ Our God, who has made the fishermen most wise by sending down upon them the Holy Spirit and thereby having caught the universe, O lover of mankind, glory to Thee. (Troparia of Pentecost)

On this first Sunday after Pentecost, the Feast of All Saints, may He who enlightened fisherman through the Holy Spirit enlighten us and enable us to catch our corner of the universe with the light of his knowledge and truth. Glory be to thee O Christ, glory to be to Thee!

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