Another Downton Abbey

Fans of the now concluded Downton Abbey have been looking for sometime for the next creation of director Julian Fellowes. I am pleased to say that his latest creation Belgravia, now available on DVD or through a subscription to EPIX, more than fits the bill.

I just finished watching this six episode mini-drama about a self-made businessman named James Trenchard who makes his way into London society via marriage with his eligible daughter Sophia. All the usual pretensions of true and not-so-true aristocracy play out in this wonderful tale of love, betrayal, and everlasting integrity. So order your copy of the drama wherever you find good British period pieces. You won’t be sorry you did!

The Transfigured Role of an Aristocracy


A new marchioness, a baby boy, and five marriages (one consummated and four budding near to fulfillment). Thus did Baron Fellowes of West Stafford choose to end his six season saga Downton Abbey this evening as the last aired episode finally reached this side of the pond. What is the chief reason for the appeal behind this most popular of PBS series? Many have cited the pageantry, the intrigue, the utter unpredictability of its characters and plot twists. But I think that the show’s extreme popularity is due to what is missing most in modern American society: a sense of old-fashioned propriety, common kindness, and a transfigured, contemporary role for an ancient aristocracy. Continue reading

Downton Abbey On Sunday Night

I have been trying to think of something clever to say about a great little television series on PBS, but I don’t want time to run out of time for my readers being able to watch it. So just take my advice, and follow this link to see all the latest episodes online before they disappear, or watch it every Sunday on your local PBS station. You will find the relationships and decorum between the characters refreshing, meaningful, and even at times, Christian. Oh, would that those who take it upon themselves to make “Christian drama” would learn a lesson from this true masterpiece of storytelling.