A Feastday for Sucklings

Icon Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem

Sunday, April 5, 2015
Orthodox Palm Sunday

I will never forget one of my first experiences of worship in the Orthodox Church. It was a Syrian/Antiochian Orthodox Church in Sylvania, OH, and I thought I had come prepared for what I was about to experience. Had my Bible, my trusty notebook (that I still carry around to this day), and I was ready to drill the priest or anyone else who asked with a battery of biblical objections to what I presumed in advance would be idolatry. What I was not prepared for was an argument from a wordless two year old, toddling next to me in church. He was busy staring open-mouthed in wonder at a larger-than-life icon of St. Anthony the Great of the Desert. In a matter of seconds, I put my book away and decided that the two-year old was getting something that I was missing. For just as the babes and sucklings in today’s feast, his open mouth was already beginning to perfect the praise worthy of Almighty God. Continue reading

Lenten Journey to Pascha

We fast for forty days. And here are all the Sundays: Orthodoxy, St. Gregory of Palamas, The Cross, St. John of the Ladder, St. Mary of Egypt, Palm Sunday and Pascha. We have Presanctified Liturgies on Wednesdays and Fridays. We use Palms on Palm Sunday and alms we give. Alms to the poor, blessings to all people blessings from God, And let all say Amen. Amen.

We go to church at nine o’clock to celebrate the Resurrection of Christ. It is a happy day to all the people that pray. Joy and happiness to all the world. On Bright Monday our church has a traditional picnic at Auburndale Cove. A cove is a protected park next to a river. We play games and feast on Paschal food.