Welcome Home, Syedna Philip

He only said two words to me in his entire apostolic life, but they were the two most meaningful words I have ever heard a bishop utter. They were the same words he used to greet every wayward American pilgrim that had somehow found themselves at the doorstep of the ancient, apostolic Church. And they are the same words that we who love him the most now use to usher him in benediction on to his true and heavenly abode: WELCOME HOME. Continue reading

What I Gave Up to Become Orthodox

In honor of the 20th anniversary of the priesthood of Fr. Antony Hughes at St. Mary Orthodox Church in Cambridge, the 20th anniversary of the Boston Byzantine Choir, and incidentally also the 20th year of my being an Orthodox Christian, I would like to present this memory of Fr. Antony from the very beginning of his ministry and the very beginning of my walk as an Orthodox Christian. We remembered so many of these tonight at a special banquet in his honor at St. Mary’s… Continue reading

Memory Eternal: Fr. Peter E. Gillquist


Fr. Peter Gillquist was the first Orthodox priest I ever met, and his book Becoming Orthodox was the first book I ever read on the Orthodox Church. He came to my campus and introduced me to a Church I never heard about, though that time in my life I had been to 15 different churches, and like the Samaritan woman, the church I then was with was not really “my church”. Fr. Peter revealed to me my church, the Church of Jesus Christ, and the Holy Apostles, and not a day of life goes by that I don’t bless the memory of this great man and priest of God.

Memory Eternal! Vechnaya Pamyat!