The Beauty of Language

IMG_5286June 6, Birthday of Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin

It has happened to me twice now, so there is no denying its power. We travel today to the Moscow Pushkin Museum on the anniversary of A. S. Pushkin’s birthday Jun 6, 1799 for a concert of poetry and music performed by children of the age of my own. The show begins with a recitation of the great author’s poetry. Just like several years ago when I came for the same event for the first time, I understood not a word of it. But just like then, I still could not help but weep for the beauty of it. Continue reading

An Inward Kingdom

Imperial radiance dazzles the heart with images of splendor,
But far from the mind is the hidden world where thoughts rage in a blender.
Royal hindrance needed to stem evil’s tide
To frighten the oppressor and vanquish his pride.

Alexandra whose scepter spans two earthly kingdoms
Fights inwardly, her heart to acquire ancient wisdom.
Gathers radiant virtue, her mind to possess
Offers help to the needy and comforts the distressed.
Until martyred for Christ in her adopted land of Russia
The Queen intercedes for the world and her native land of Prussia.